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Welcome to Gardenbelle Shop!

Once upon a time, in a bus, Gardenbelle Shop began its humble journey. It all started with a shared passion for creativity, craftsmanship, and the beauty of handmade goods. What began as a simple idea soon blossomed into something much greater.

Text line: "Ethically Made line boho clothing! Sent from Our bus!"

Our founders, Lauren and Joe Gardenbelle, have been living and traveling in their school bus conversion for over 5 years. Lauren, a former highschool art teacher, and Joe, a sous chef both resigned from their careers in 2020 and set off on their first voyage in their school bus. 2 months into their travels, they began selling vintage and thrifted clothing that they sourced on the road, from all over the country. At that time, their Instagram shop had less than 75 followers and it was named Gardenbelle’s Traveling Closet. 3 months later, after abundant research and exploration on sustainable and ethical clothing production, they launched their first collection of hand-made creations of their own brand, changing the shop name to Gardenbelle Shop.

Fast forward to the present day, Lauren and Joe are proud to be expanding their shop to include certified organic cotton, wood-pulp fiber from trees rejected by the furniture industry, and other hand-sourced vintage and upcycled fabrics from their travels to India. You can follow more about Lauren and Joe’s continuous travels as they grow their small family of 5 dogs and soon to be 2 babies on Instagram.

Our  Team



No Plastic Fabrics

All of our fabrics are plant based. No micro-plastics will be washed into the earth when you wash our items. We create items in silk, plant viscose, plant rayon, cotton, beech-wood modal and second-chance tree pulp fabrics.

Made by Humans

The items at Gardenbelle Shop are hand sewn and hand dyed by humans, never less. We have 3 small family teams located in Thailand, India and Nepal that create their own desired salaries. Our online and retail teams make a competitive wage, and our seamstresses are paid a high value per garment made.

0 Waste Production

We work together creatively with our seamstresses to come up with ways to use 100% of the scraps that are produced in creating our pieces. Some of the items we create with the scraps are our 0-Waste Flags, scrunchies, patchwork items, bandanas, silk packaging bags and more!

Doing What's Right

Our goal is to never do what is easy or cheap, but what's right and helpful to our planet. We'll never use plastic tags or virgin bags on our clothing. Our mailers and tags are 100% post-consumer recycled content. 100% of paper, cardboard or plastics produced by shipments is recycled OR bottle-bricked appropriately. We proudly support USPS as our courier.

Our Retail Shop

We would love to have you at our one and only new brick and mortar store located in Downtown Hagerstown, Maryland. We have several styles exclusive to our in-person shopping store and you can find our complete range of sizes from XXS-4X in most styles. We invite you to try on as much as you'd like in our dressing rooms, and explore our $5 and $10 bins with discontinued items, one-of-a-kind clothing design drafts also known as “samples” all exclusive to our retail shop. We are open every day of the week! We hope to see you at 10 Public Square Hagerstown, Maryland, 21740 during the following hours.







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Our retail Location


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