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Free parking [camping]

One of our biggest money savers through living this lifestyle is 0 rent, mortgage or parking costs! We primarily use to find a vast range of user-reviewed campsites. Below, I'm sharing some of our favorites along the way!

Things to know: these are boondocking campsites, meaning 10 times out of 10 there are no hookups. That being said, be prepared to have enough water, and a source of electricity! For us, we have 2 water tanks totaling 62 gallons (lasts us 5 days) and 800W of solar to power anything we need.

  1. The Badlands, South Dakota

Placed a half-mile after the Badlands National Park, is a gravel road leading you to the rim of the mountains and tons of spaces to park! There were several other campers along the rim, but drive far enough and you'll be able to have your own private scenic view! Bison and cows surrounded the bus as they grazed and migrated through the long, grassy fields.

2. Lake Angostura, South Dakota

This lake has plenty of free campsites directly on the lake with your own private beach area! Drive back about a 7 mile light gravel road for the free camping area. Water was very warm, and we got to watch a storm pass by and a beautiful sunset. Anywhere with water is 5 stars in these dogs' book!

3. Taylor Reservoir, Colorado

Where to even start about this spot?! This area is located off of Colorado 742, where there are several dirt roads leading to the reservoir! Medium-traffic coming through with OHVs, but they were never a bother! The area does not have service, but offers some of the most incredible views!

4. Ophir, Colorado

Placed directly off of the infamous Colorado 145, on Ophir Road, this spot was adjacent to a climber's paradise (literally, prepare for lots of climbers to park and climb the rocks!). About 25 minutes from Telluride. Stuck in between two gorgeous rock mountains, walk down the road and you'll find the cutest shed-turned-post office for any mailing needs! Across the dirt road is also a gorgeous river with the bluest water!

5. Bisti Badlands, New Mexico

This was an incredible spot to explore, very hot, but very secluded!

6. Sedona, Arizona

Believe it or not, you can find free AND secluded camping in Sedona! Right off 89A, we followed a dirt road that led to tons of spaced out camping spots right near Honanki Ruins! Only about 15 minutes from Sedona, and still all the gorgeous views.

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Thanks for reading <3

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